All instruments are insured for transport in Europe. The insurance does not contain theft insurance. Please be sure not to store the borrowed instrument in a car without observation.

Other States

It is possible to extend the instrument´s insurance to a worldwide insurance. In this case, it is necessary to report the MIS before transport. The fees for the insurance extension must be paid by the borrower himself/herself.

Please consider bringing a printed form, which you may receive in the office of the MIS, with you while you are travelling.

  • Departure at the airport:

Request a form (INF 3) at customs. This form declares that the instrument is Austrian ware. You may need it when travelling back.

  • When entering/ leaving countries that aren’t members of the EU:

Keep ready the form of the KUG which you get in the office of the MIS before your journey. Keep the KUG form, which you may receive in the office of the MIS handy with you before your journey. This form must contain the duration of your stay, the estimated value of the instrument, and a stamp of the MIS.   

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Further information can be found here: Usage Regulation