Musical Instruments Collection

Entrance only up to the MIS loan counter on the ground floor.

  • Loan business for students of the KUG in ZKF only will be done exclusively by appointment via email to

An exact specification of the desired instrument, signature and your KUG card number is mandatory.

Return of instruments is not possible between 17.112020 and 06.12.2020.

  • Recruitment from the instrument depot will be carried out by the MIS employee

Delivery to users on Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. according to the appointment.

  • Keep in mind to bring the signed loan form!


Since 2008 the University of Music and Performing Arts’ Collection of Musical Instruments is located in the main building of the University Library, where about 2650 percussion, wind and string instruments are managed. The instruments are stored in a specifically dedicated and optimally climate-controlled room for this purpose. They are available to students and teachers for the purpose of education and free of charge. The Musical Instruments Collection (MIS) takes care of maintenance, care, and insurance for all instruments.

Opening Hours

Monday and Wednesday      

10:00 - 12:00





+43 316 / 389 – 2167

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University Library, Basement (access through the main entrance)



Brandhofgasse 17-19

8010 Graz